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Fitness Programs for Vibrant Living

Part of living a vibrant life is moving your booty.  Plain and simple. You need to shake that thang a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Hate the gym? Intimidated by all the machines or the Barbie dolls walking around? Don’t enjoy working out?

Vibrant Life Source is your answer. Our approach is holistic – taking into account how your entire body responds to exercise, what movements will best support your body, mind and spirit and how your fitness regime can bring your body into balance.

We can help you:

  • Lose or gain weight – once and for all
  • Increase muscle tone and strength
  • Improve balance and coordination skills
  • Improve function strength for basic, daily movements like vacuuming, gardening, lifting, pushing, pulling
  • Improve core strength (abdominals and low back)
  • Improve agility, strength and cardiovascular ability for activities such as golf, tennis, running and other activities
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Find exercises that are fun
  • Work with post-rehab issues to improve strength and agility for injuries to your back, shoulders, knees and other areas
  • Work with clients suffering from MS, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Diabetes and other ailments to ease your symptoms



We will assess where your body is and design a personalized plan to achieve your goals while having fun.  We work with minimal equipment and use movements that will have a big impact on your body.

We believe in quality over quantity. From there, we give you tips, tricks, and techniques to plan your fitness for the coming week. We look for ways to make fitness fun – dancing, walking, hiking, bowling, kayaking, trampolines and other enjoyable activities. Working out shouldn’t be dull and boring – if you enjoy it, you’ll actually do it!

Feeling inspired? Maybe nervous? Schedule your FREE “Get the Vibe” Consultation – Let’s chat for an hour to see if we’re a fit for Private Personal Training.

Group Classes

Vibrant Life Source offers a variety of classes like Boot Camp, Cardio Blast, Core Strengthening, Resistance Training, Kickboxing and other recreational and social classes. You can even start your own group class of co-workers, friends, family or neighbors. Your class can be tailored to your group’s needs, interests and goals.  Minimal equipment is needed as we jump, skip, hop, and laugh our way to fitness!

For Active Older Adults

We will create a made-for-you fitness, nutrition, or spiritual program that addresses all your vibrant needs and goals. We’ll pinpoint exactly what you need and go from there:

  • Yoga helps with flexibility, core strength, agility, balance and connecting the mind and body.
  • Mediation creates a grounded and relaxed state of being, to help you through any situation life hands you.
  • Personal training will help you with your functional strength (normal, daily activities like vacuuming, gardening, playing with your grandchildren, laundry and other activities.)
  • We will work to improve your balance, cardiovascular strength and core strength to support your abdominals and back.

We also specialize in those with MS, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, back/knee/shoulder/joint/neck issues, post rehabilitation or physical therapy just to name a few! We’ve got you taken care of.

You won’t find any cookie cutter solutions here. Just practices catered specifically to help you continue to live your life in the best health you can be. It’s time to party!