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Health and Lifestyle Coaching


Health and Lifestyle Coaching = Customized Wellness Guidance for Body, Mind & Soul

As Health and Lifestyle Coaches, we work with you from a whole body approach, rather than focusing on just one element like a Personal Trainer or Nutritionist might.

A Health Coach offers guidance and inspiration to help you shift your “shifty” behavior to healthier habits. You develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for YOU and implement lasting changes that improve your energy, balance and health.

It’s like having a healthy mini-you on your shoulder, cheering you on to your best self.

We’ll dabble in nutrition, yoga, personal training and life balance tools to find what works for you and add a side of educational info. We’ll wade through all the nutrition programs out there from low carb to plant based or Paleo to Macrobiotic and find the new YOU diet. We’ll even dazzle you with a cooking tip or two.

You’ve been trying on your own without success, haven’t you?

Skip the solo journey and let us carry your bags for a while.

Together we’ll trek through to find the Source of your most Vibrant Life ever. We will be there with you every step of the way.  Like sherpas of inspiration.

Feeling inspired? Maybe nervous? Schedule your FREE “Get the Vibe” Consultation – Let’s chat for an hour to see if we’re a fit for Health & Lifestyle Coaching.

What’s included on your Health and Lifestyle Coaching journey?

  • One-on-one attention (complete with our super hearing powers)
  • Your customized wellness map (and how to read it!)
  • Bi-monthly meetings (where we connect in person, by phone or Skype)
  • Regular phone and email access (for whenever questions come up)
  • Monthly newsletters with recipes & tips (to keep it fresh)

Health Coaching can help you:

  • Kick your weight loss into full gear
  • Interpret the hieroglyphics of healthy eating
  • Cure your shopping cart shock & finally teach you to shop for healthy food – on a budget even!
  • Healthy, whole food prep – with pep
  • Find the fitness for you that’s fun and functional
  • Show that stress who’s boss with tested techniques & tools to try
  • Reveal the secret of a true work/life balance – think patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time
  • Create a custom map to navigate marriage, starting a family, divorce, mid-life or retirement
  • Help manage your mental well-being with meditation, robust relationships, and how to find joy in your everyday life
  • Find that creative spark in life again – where did you leave that darn thing?
  • Gain your balance – no tightrope experience necessary
  • Shepherd you through the slump in your slumber – even if sleep is a distant memory

Revamp your lifestyle – top to bottom, food to fitness.