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Welcome Home

Your Vibrant Self Awaits

Your journey to being your best self and living your best life starts here.


Vibrant Life Source is about giving you the tools and support to live your best life on your terms. The path to your greatest self will be as unique as you are. You’ll find various methods to support your journey such as Health and Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and Yoga. And the added bonus? We will work together virtually at a time and place convenient for you. You’ll have access to recipes, how-to guides, health and wellness videos, virtual health webinars and so much more!


What makes Vibrant Life Source different? You are important, you are unique and you are heard. You will find someone to listen to your wellness story, be your biggest cheerleader, Wellness Advocate, Wellness Coach and health confidant. You will become a part of a special community of people on a similar journey to their best self. Oh and prepare to laugh because this journey might just be fun too.

I can't wait to meet you!

LeAnn Signature.jpg
LeAnn Smith, Chief Vibrancy Officer


The Journey Towards Vibrancy Begins with You

“My husband and I have had LeAnn as our personal trainer for several years now. The benefit I’ve noticed the most since working with LeAnn is increased endurance — not something I was expecting but definitely welcome! LeAnn pushes hard but she is flexible and adaptable through illness, injury or just plain whining.”

- Anne & Neal Christianson

I’ve partnered with LeAnn for over three years now. Each session we have is tailored to what I need. She is my trusted guide for yoga, nutrition, strength and mobility work. My journey to better health and well being has been marvelous, a true lifestyle change! LeAnn brings great expertise, compassion and dedication to her work.  I’ve come to know her for her creativity and willingness to be flexible. I place enormous value on this relationship.

- Heidi Kiemle

“LeAnn has been an invaluable person in our lives. We wouldn’t have been able to navigate through so many health and nutrition issues without her guidance and help. We really appreciate her efficient, compassionate, kind and loving way she has enriched our lives.”

- Candace & Ron Johnson

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