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Vibrant Living Events

We jump at the chance to share the Vibrant Life Source vision of a whole, healthy lifestyle.  We offer made-to-order public speaking engagements on a number of health, wellness and nutrition topics. This is a quick and easy way to educate and empower your employees, friends or group members without taking too much time out of their busy days. We’ll meet you where you’re at and make it fun.

Vibrant Life Source-inars

Vibrant Lunch Source-inars are a bit more colorful than your typical Lunch-and-Learn seminars.  With a whole bunch of information and a bit of inspiration, we offer health and wellness education to your employees in a convenient and relaxed environment. While employees enjoy their lunch, they can learn simple and effective ways to improve their health and wellness.  Why not time it for your company’s benefits open enrollment period?  Your staff will learn tips and take-aways they can put to use right away. This is not your usual lunch & learn. More like lunch & live.

Vibrant Life Labs

These group-learning workshops are custom made for your church group, book club, senior club, your health-conscious friends or an event specific group.  The health & wellness information shared is tailored to meet your group’s specific needs and interests, always including information they can take away and use immediately.

Vibrant Life Spotlights

If you’re looking for a dynamic and equally warm keynote speaker for your conference, summit, or special event – look no further. LeAnn Smith will cater her message to your conference’s focus or offer a list of tried & true health and wellness topics to choose from. She comes armed & ready with not just know-how and knowledge but intriguing group breakouts, handouts, and an outstanding hands-on stage presence. Her all-encompassing wisdom will ring true for a long time coming and leave you wanting more next year.