Vision (Board) in Gratitude

Have you ever heard of a vision board? It’s a visual mosaic you create of what you would like to have for yourself, your family or your business. A place to put your dreams, your wishes, and your hopes. We all have hopes, dreams and passions, but they can stay locked up in our minds. In that state, how often do they really come true?

Creating a vision board is an opportunity to put your dreams out into the Universe, and to see for yourself, what it would it would look like and feel like to experience the things you would most like to have. It can be a concrete way to see that your dreams are desires are valid. Vision boards can be created for something specific like what you want to achieve over the next year in your career or business. Or for something that you want to accomplish in your life over a longer period of time. Your vision board can be anything you want it to be because there aren’t any rules and it’s yours and yours alone.

If you keep your vision board where you can see it every day, you have your personal reminder that your dreams are possible and to keep the ashes of your desires smoldering. I keep my vision board in my office where I can see it as I enter. It keeps me grounded in where I am right now, while stoking my inner fires for those goals and dreams that I want to achieve. It also gives me the opportunity to feel gratitude for those goals and dreams I’m working towards. Without them, I’m not truly living. I’m merely existing and that’s no fun. I love doing a gratitude jig when one of my goals on my vision board has been achieved. A little self pat on the back.

Vision boards are proven to be life changing because it makes your goals, dreams and hopes real. When they are stuck in our minds they don’t seem tangible. But when you put it out there on paper, cork board, whatever form works best for you, it transforms from just an idea to something you can put your hands on. Do you want to change your life? I know you have goals and dreams. Isn’t it time to start making them come true? The Universe is listening, ready to meet you in making your dreams come true. Why not put it out there?

Have you ever had a situation when you were talking with someone and you mentioned that you were interested in a certain career path? Then, a few days or weeks later, you saw an ad or got some mail about that specific career path? Yep, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, peeps. You put it out there and the Universe will offer it back to you. Sometimes not so much exactly in the way we you may have envisioned, but it will come back. That’s what a vision board does. Starting to get a little tingly?

There are times that I am focusing on just one aspect, or goal, on my vision board. I created my current board as a way to remind myself that I am awesome, I am worthy, I am capable. We can get down on ourselves when things aren’t going so well and forget to give gratitude for those times. If life is going along footloose and fancy free there’s not much room to spread your wings and grow. The lessons are in the not so fun stuff. Boy, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes, challenges, blunders and just plain old screwing up something. My vision board reminds me that those times are important too and to keep moving forward. Life is a gift my Friends!

Are you feeling your creative juices starting to flow? Want to create your own vision board? Yeah! Let’s get crafty! There really isn’t a specific way to create your vision board but here are some general guidelines to get you going:

What’s the theme? Why are you creating a vision board? Is it for your career or business? Is it for your personal life, your family’s lives? Think about why you are creating the board. Don’t fear going deep into the depths of your utmost dreams. I’m talkin’ the dreams-you’ve-had-since-you-were-a-kid kinda depths. This will help give you some direction when you are putting it together.

Get Organized: Once I had an idea where I was going with my vision board (I decided to do my goals for work-life fulfillment over the next two or so years), I was able to start organizing. I also have stacks of magazines around the house (and asked neighbors and friends for their old magazines) so I starting going through them and cutting out pictures, words, phrases that represented my goals. Before I knew it I had stacks of pictures representing my dreams, yearnings and intentions.

Get Crafty: For me, this was the best part. Being that I love a good craft project, I was elated to be able to spend some times (and money) at my local craft store. Of course, you can do whatever you want to with your vision board. You can be as creative as you like. Remember, no rules – yippee! I used cork board to “mount” my pictures and other goodies mainly because I wanted to keep it for some time. Use whatever you like. I added stickers, colored paper and fake jewels. Again, the opportunity to do a craft project makes me a little crazy, in a good way. Just walking through a craft store and a whiff of glue really gets me going. So, needless to say, I may have gone a bit overboard. It’s your vision board, do as you like!

Showcase it Baby! So you’ve done all the work, now it’s time to showcase your masterpiece. Find a spot in your home or office to place your vision board so you see it every day. This is your reminder that dreams, goals and hopes are possible and they can (and will) come true. This is your way of saying, “Universe, I’m worthy and ready to take the next step, bring it on!” Be proud of your creation because you just took a huge step – you created a visual representation of your most inner, private dreams! Let’s take a gratitude pause for that, my Friend!

As you complete your vision boards, post a picture of yours here. It’s your time to let yourself shine and share your goals and dreams with the Vibrant Life Community. We’re ready and waiting to do a happy dance with you!

Until we meet again, live Vibrantly, my Friends.

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