Unconditional Friendship

Sometimes the best and easiest relationship is the unconditional one. Our pets – dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, fish – love us unconditionally. They are our best friends, best listeners, our own holistic stress management coaches. They make us smile when we’ve had a rotten day, teach us patience (apparently I’m a slow learner on this one) and love us without judgment, critique or agenda.

Our pets take us out of ourselves and teach us to have fun, laugh at ourselves and not get stuck on the stuff that really doesn’t matter.We humans have a tendency to over-complicate things, make things more difficult than they need to be. Our furry, feathered and scaly friends show us the true essence of life – live in the moment and be true to you.

There are oh so many lessons to be learned from our pets.

I came across another dog-gone awesome post on my favorite website about the lessons learned from doggie ownership – check it out here: 10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Rescue Dog. Take a paws and think about what life lessons a current or past pet friend has shown you. Do you still embody those lessons today? During a recent search about taking care of my own furry love bug (whom you’ll meet shortly), I came across this great website called Doctors Foster and Smith. They are both vets that provide helpful information on all sorts of pet-related queries. I love their article “Why Man’s Best Friend is Man’s Best Friend” which talks about the benefits of doggie ownership (the morning cuddles in bed are just a bonus). Read through the list and see if you’ve experienced any of these benefits yourself.

As there are so many upsides to pet ownership, you’d wonder why someone wouldn’t run out post haste and adopt one or several pets. Well, not all of us are in a position to adopt. Maybe you live in a space that doesn’t allow pets or you aren’t at a time in your life where pet ownership is the best idea. I totally get you! It took me a long time to be ready for my doggie.

If you find yourself in the same boat but want to spend time with some furry friends you can always volunteer.

Well, yeah! Rescue and Humane Societies all over are looking for some dog, cat and critter loving volunteers. Check out your local animal rescue or Humane Society to learn more.

As for our pet tribe at my humble abode, my husband, Paul, and I have angel fish (although I haven’t yet been able to train our angel fish to play fetch, I still find them stress relieving and enjoyable) and our other family member, Maggie. We rescued her over five years ago and it has been bliss ever since.

This is a picture of Maggie and I on her adoption day. Maggie is now a 10-year-old, 65 pound Black Lab mix whose tail is always wagging. She is ever ready for any adventure from a hike to going fishing with my husband. Her previous family surrendered her and we were lucky to find her at an adoption event. We were hoping to find a kindred soul to join our family and Maggie fit the bill!

I wish you all the unconditional love your pets give you. Well, it’s time for our evening walk, so Maggie and I are going to sign off.

Until we meet again, Live Vibrantly, my Friends (human and otherwise)!

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