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Learn what Vibrant Content Solutions can do for you and your organization! 


From wellness programming and videos to recipes and employee challenges and more, we've got all you need to keep your corporate wellness program vibrant!


What this means for you

As someone who helps people find their way back to the best versions of themselves through fitness, food, and fun, I've built a massive library of health, wellness, fitness and nutrition content.

Now this inspiring content is available for you to share with your clientele.

And you can trust it will be catered to your needs because I know, firsthand, what your needs are.

I not only believe in this stuff, I live it!

Meet LeAnn Smith,
Chief Vibrancy Officer

I get it

  • I was a corporate HR Director for 14 years

  • I’ve been a passionate corporate wellness
    and vibrant living advocate and educator
    for 10 years

  • I'm certified as a Health & Nutrition Coach,
    Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor

  • I have almost 25 years of combined
    experience in HR and health and wellness

  • I understand the demands of supporting
    your clientele's well being and how
    important it is.

Price based on number of employees
Per clientele
Monthly fee for on-going content
or a flat one-time rate
Monthly or one-time fee
Lifting Weights


Choose from our vast pool of content including videos, quotes images, recipes, how-to guides, programming, fitness tips, and more for a set price.



Let us create content that is specific to your organization’s needs and goals at a negotiated price.


We'll provide a combination of both
options based on your program's


Pricing Options