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Vibrant Praise

Praise from the Vibrant Life Tribe

“My husband and I have had LeAnn as our personal trainer for several years now. We are pretty hardheaded but she politely ignores that and pulls out the best in us. No matter what.

The benefit I’ve noticed the most since working with LeAnn is increased endurance — not something I was really expecting but definitely welcome! LeAnn pushes hard but she is flexible and adaptable through illness, injury or just plain whining. She is fantastic and we highly recommend her!”

Anne & Neal
Bellevue, Washington 

I always wanted to try personal training, maybe have someone come into my home.  I found LeAnn through an email coupon and was so excited when she responded to my inquiry right away.

From my very first session, I knew she would be a great fit for me.  She easily adapted workouts to compensate for my knee injury.  She kept them challenging but always gave me options in case it hurt my knee.

I also appreciated LeAnn’s sensitivity; if I was having an off day we’d just go for a walk.  I think this is what sets LeAnn apart from other trainers: she really understands each client, making training with her a much more personal experience.  Thanks LeAnn!

Redmond, Washington

I’ve had the pleasure of working with LeAnn for a couple years now and I am always impressed by the skills she presents. She is a stand out teacher to our older adults on several subjects. Always willing and able, she consistently receives outstanding feedback and evaluation scores from her students.

The new Health and Lifestyle Coach branch of her business is barely up and running and I can’t wait to partner with her on many possibilities. I would wholeheartedly recommend LeAnn to any one of my friends or family.

Lauren Bolen, Health Education Coordinator, Community Education Services, Evergreen Health
Kirkland, Washington


Praise from The Been Around the Block Party

Boot Camp

“I signed up for one of LeAnn’s “Boot Camp” classes at community where I live thinking I was in decent shape. Turns out I was wrong about that. LeAnn has been very patient though, reminding us to “pace yourself” and counting down the repetitions to keep us motivated.

It’s been 3 consecutive months of class for me now. I definitely feel stronger and my endurance has significantly improved. LeAnn keeps a sense of humor and is very real about who the class is; we are not going to be in the Olympics but we are interested in pushing ourselves to stay in shape as we age. Thank you LeAnn, your class is fabulous!”


“For the past decade, I have taken a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes but I was new to Yoga Flow until I signed up for LeAnn’s class. This is a very focused class that keeps a maintained rhythm throughout. I sit most of the day behind a computer and my back is usually so tight I feel like I need a massage. Honestly, after my Yoga class, I feel so great all of the kinks are out. 

LeAnn is excellent at giving visual and verbal directions, which is key when you are working your way into a new position. I highly recommend LeAnn’s Yoga Flow class to anyone looking to get more out of Yoga but not quite wanting a Pilates class – this is a great cross between the two.”

Redmond, Washington

LeAnn Smith is organized, knowledgeable, funny and on time. I have taken weekly Yoga-Pilates classes from her for over two years. She is an outstanding instructor. She believes in herself and in the value of her work. So do I.”

Redmond, Washington

Yoga and Personal Training

“I’ve taken Yoga classes most of my adult life and LeAnn is definitely one of the best instructors I’ve ever had. She has a remarkable ability to tune in to her students and adjust her classes to meet their needs. LeAnn teaches you how to do yoga positions PROPERLY — so there’s no getting hurt.

As a Personal Trainer, LeAnn always discusses your individual needs and limitations before she puts together a program designed especially for you.  At every session, LeAnn will re-evaluate and provide training for where you are at that time. There is never a worry of getting injured or doing more than you are capable of – but that’s not to say she doesn’t push you to do your best!”

Redmond, Washington

“We have been working with LeAnn for two years and she has made a great impact on our lives, both mentally and physically. She has introduced us to the many benefits of Yoga, Pilates, strength training, stretching, cardio, and various exercises. Her style is informative, motivating and supportive.

LeAnn offers the opportunity for each individual to push themselves toward their own personal limits and can help anyone improve their health, posture, flexibility, and strength.  She makes accommodations as needed, while encouraging you to do more. We highly recommend LeAnn if you are looking to make a difference in your health and fitness.”

Bruce & Judy
Redmond, Washington