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Meet Vibrant LeAnn

Here’s how LeAnn, our Founder, got to her best self:  My journey started as a Human Resources Director in a very corporate office environment. Turns out, it wasn’t my cup of tea (or my true purpose either).

Yes, I have a deep desire to help people. I can listen like nobody’s business. Like ears just went out of style. 

But this office job was fencing me in. And not the kind of rustic ranch rail fence I enjoy hiking by on the trails of Washington State. Picture the eat-lunch-at-my-desk working-50-hours-on-evenings-and-weekends kind of fence. Ouch. It hurt my soul, to be honest.

So, since my theme song is Don’t Stop Believin’, I tried to combat this feeling of constriction and the toll it was taking on my bod (not to mention my “do a happy dance whenever you get the chance” spirit).  I was already on a health kick of sorts but this job sent that into overdrive. I became a workout “junkie”. I exercised daily and diligently for 1-2 hours just to balance out the mess I was becoming. Ever the loyal Weekend Warrior, I trained voraciously for marathons and races.

Little did I know, that all my efforts to create a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle were just different versions of the high strung, highly paid person syndrome that I’d been in.

My diet needed it’s own extreme makeover. I was either eating very little for fear of gaining weight or binge eating and drinking to numb my lost self. Stressed out was the name of the game and I had no passion in my life. I was falling down the Mama- needs-ANOTHER-new-pair-of-shoes rabbit hole. Fast. Sound familiar?

In my own quest to find a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, I became the local maven of all things health, fitness, and wellness to my friends and family. (You see the dots starting to come together here, don’t you?)

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A dire need for stress relief led me to yoga, meditation, and nutrition. I love, love, love to cook and it is my favorite form of relaxation. “Health” in all forms became my happy place and I wanted to share it with those I care about.

All these stress management techniques and, of course, the obvious never occurred to me – leave the job that’s creating the stress in the first place. Duh!

But that was also the AHA! moment: take the two things I am passionate about – helping people and health, wellness, fitness & nutrition – and make it a career. 

So, in 2009 I started formally educating myself, while still in my corporate HR job. By the beginning of 2010, I cleaned out my desk, picked up my coffee mug and said “so long” to corporate life. I haven’t looked back since because, let’s be honest, I’m not going back.

What I am going to do is help you find your own balance in this game we call life. Lets play!